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Bolshaya Morskaya Street Apartment

An 87 m2 apartment on Bolshaya Morskaya Street was purchased by a married couple from Moscow. The customers, connoisseurs of antiquity and antiques, wanted to create a cozy corner where they can relax during their visits to the city and enjoy life in the unique atmosphere of St. Petersburg.

The standard corridor-style layout with a tiny narrow kitchen has been completely transformed, starting from the idea of ​​an open, flowing space, vaguely reminiscent of hotel suites. Instead of a corridor, the main axis was a view gallery with dining and study areas, stretching along the windows and demonstrating a new look at the palace enfilade system.

Adjacent to it through wide openings are the living room, kitchen and bedroom, which can be isolated or attached to the common space with the help of glazed doors and curtains. With a rich functional content, the apartment seems very airy, spacious and well visible from almost anywhere.

The proportions and colors of the interior, antique furniture purchased specifically for this project, and custom-made joinery (doors, portals, shelves and wall panels) are reminiscent of the legendary St. Petersburg style, refined, dignified and restrained.

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