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Experience of the adult participants and courage of the youngest makes our projects truly professional and creative. We consider important every stage of the work both in design and implementation. That's why we form a reliable range of partners that help us to implement our ideas into practice. High level of construction and installation works, management and assembly of objects allows to create elite interiors of apartments, town houses and public places.


  • ЖК «Русский Дом»
  • Особняк на Английской набережной
  • Дом в Комарово
  • Квартира на Песочной наб.
  • Квартира в ЖК "Парадный квартал"
  • Офис компании "Seven Suns Development"
  • The Art of Law

    Solid and striking, yet not pretentious or overly expensive: these were the ideals the owners of a law firm felt their new 350 m2 office on Vasilievsky Island should embody. Its unusual design in the shape of a soaring bird contributed to our approach to planning and suggested a way to create an ergonomic workspace with a clear hierarchy. The basic path of movement became a gallery which extends through the entire office, uniting the reception area, the offices, the conference room and the break room and kitchen. This gallery is pierced by a small hallway at the ends of which the central rooms of the bureau are located: the large conference room and the director's office, adjacent to which is a lounge for VIP-clients. The entire structure is transparent and open. The glass partitions of the offices and conference rooms extend into the gallery but velvet curtains can be drawn to reduce field of vision if necessary.

    The office's laconic, modern interior conveys a bold sense of individuality.  Guests' attention is drawn by the custom-made striped counter and columns in the reception area, the striking wooden framing in the conference rooms and the unconventional furniture. The gallery, with its self-leveling floor, spotlights and concrete ceiling with exposed framework and wiring, evokes a loft or modern art gallery whose walls have been covered by artist Igor Yanovsky's visions of Petersburg. 

  • An Apartment on Pochtamtskaya ulitsa

    In this project the former communal flat with corridors and narrow dark rooms typical for old apartments turned into a modern, functional loft for life and work of a young couple. Following the wishes of the owners the problem space rewrote from scratch using a number of unique architectural and design solutions.

    In the 100 m2 space with only four windows for the whole apartment the clients wanted to place a reception area – a hall with the guest bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room and a living room; a bedroom with all the trappings of the modern housing – a dressing room and a bathroom, as well as two private studies. It was decided to fight with the shortage of space and light in every corner, first of all having removed useless corridors and making an open planning. For better insolation the window openings were enlarged till the floor, thus obtaining “French windows” - this change, of course, was agreed by the relevant authorities. For lighting of rooms, located in a dark part of the apartment, the method of “internal windows” was applied - glass partitions that separate the living room from the bedroom, one room from another were installed. All the back rooms like a dressing room, a bathroom and a laundry room were placed in the private area adjacent to the bedroom.

    In the design of the apartment the owners - young, successful people - gave preference to modern trends. Fashionable style of the loft was supported by a barn-type door, beams on the walls and ceiling, technical lights, and a bed made of wooden pallets. Other elements of the industrial style - laconic kitchen with a bar table and a dining room located in the alcove and separated by the wooden laths. High floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in the living room and studies, reflecting the values of a young couple, give the right finish to the interior of the apartment.

  • Квартира в ЖК «Шаляпин»
  • Квартира в ЖК "Фили Град"
  • Квартира в ЖК «Пять Звезд»
  • Downtown Petersburg Loft

    One could not help but expect an apartment on Pushkinskay Street to be classically designed. This, however, was not the case here. Given a carte-blanche by the client, it was decided to break away from classicism in this project in favor of a fabulous loft-style apartment that is visually bright, utilizes incredibly complex structural solutions, provides daily functionality for the young resident and lends itself well to youthful social gatherings.

    The small apartment, measuring only 67 m2, had hidden potential thanks to its 3.8 meter-high ceilings, which made it possible to build a mezzanine with 2.2 and 1.6 m changes in elevation above the altered rooms of the pantry and lavatory. This mezzanine was then used to create a work zone and a lounge area with cushy furnishings. The space on the first floor, with the exception of the bedroom, now forms a large loft with kitchen and living room areas divided by a cantilever emerging from a wall and serving as a bar-style counter.  This same structural principle was put into practice for the cantilever stairs, whose steps appear to hang in midair.

    The atmosphere of the loft was perfected with the finishing touches: textured imitation of concrete on the walls and ceiling, brick highlights, wooden planks above the kitchen area, chalk art, spotlights, "rusted metal" tile in the bathroom… It was well worth adding some bright color to the apartment, retro furniture and original design techniques, such as the transformation of a bedroom wall with a window into a large bookshelf that includes an additional nook for relaxing and the utilization of the shelving in the living room to support the tabletop in the work area up on the mezzanine level.

  • Квартира в ЖК Смольный Парк
  • Квартира в ЖК Смольный Парк 2
  • Квартира в ЖК Смольный Парк 3
  • Квартира в ЖК «Смольный Парк» 4
  • Квартира во Всеволожске
  • Дом в Сестрорецке
  • Apartment (4 Sovetskaya street, Saint-Petersburg)

    This large old apartment acquired an awkward layout during the soviet time. The halls led to narrow rooms and the closet was inexplicably located by the window. The space had to be completely reconsidered in order to reveal its full potential.

    The apartment had two entrances, which allowed for the layout to be changed: the main entrance and public areas are now located in the right wing of the apartment, while the bedroom, light bathroom and utility rooms are located in the left wing.  The main requirement of the client, a young and sociable person who often entertains guests, was creating a suitable space for this purpose. The hallway, sitting room with a bar and a kitchen with a large round table made for a common “chill out” area that could also include an office if necessary.

    According to the client’s wish the interior is in colonial style, which leaves more room for self expression. An individual touch is emphasized by interesting details like an original wall painting in the kitchen.  Entitled “A Mad Tea Party” it offers a novel interpretation of the characters from Lewis' tale. This creative approach to the apartment by the owner is also seen in the striking design of the guest bathroom, where the tile is complemented by wallpaper featuring coquettish female faces.

  • An Apartment for Connoisseurs of Petersburg Style

    This 86 m2 apartment on Bolshaya Morskaya Street was purchased by a married couple from Moscow.  Connoisseurs of classicism and antiques, the clients wanted to create a cozy corner where they could rest while visiting the city and taking in the unique atmosphere of Petersburg.

    The standard hallway-centric layout with a tiny, narrow kitchen was completely reorganized based on the concept of an open, overflowing space vaguely reminiscent of a room in a luxury hotel. In place of a hallway, the main axis became a gallery that includes office and dining areas lined with windows, offering a new interpretation of the palace-type suite of rooms. The living room, bedroom and kitchen are connected to this gallery thanks to a wide aperture which, with the help of glass doors and shutters, can either isolate rooms or unite the entire floor space. Given the rich functionality of all available space, the apartment feels airy, spacious and looks pleasing from practically any point.

    Everything about this home - the proportions and color palette of the interior, the antique furnishings, the custom-built carpentry which includes the doors, framing, edging, and wall panels - reminds one of the legendary Petersburg style: refined, respectable and reserved.

  • Apartment (Kanal Griboedova, Saint-Petersburg)

    An apartment on the Griboyedov Canal was distinguished by unique characteristics: bright, spacious, with a fine view, and as it turned out during the examination of the building - with two operating chimneys, allowing installation of a fireplace. A new interior had to comply with the status of apartment, be solid, impressive and take into account the needs of two generations living together.

    Clear zoning of the apartment made it possible to create a comfortable space with a grand central area, a residential unit for parents and a “studio” arranged at the entrance to the house for the student daughter. Thanks to high ceilings of the studio room a bed was hidden in the mezzanine, under which the dressing room was placed. At the lower level a comfortable space for relaxing, working and entertaining was organized. Master bedroom with individual dressing room, bathroom and even a sauna in also located in a separate unit and detached from the public area. A large and bright space in the center of the apartment with five windows overlooking the canal has become a vast area of a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and a study, hidden behind a glazed partition with sliding doors - with their help the room can be closed or, conversely, connected to the front gallery.

    Interior of the apartment continues the view outside the window combining tradition and modernity. Light relaxed environment with classic proportions of the rooms and soft colours is perfectly complemented by the designer elements – custom-made carpentry, stained-glass windows in the master bedroom, as well as bright, modern accents - such as the original kitchen unit, built in the center of the front area.

  • An Estate fit for Grandparents

    A cottage built from glued Honka logs was constructed as a second structure on the property to serve as a home for the client’s elderly parents. This fact predetermined many interior solutions, from general style to specific details. The success of the layout can be seen in the clear-cut division of the cottage into entry, public and private areas, facilitated by  curtains, different finishing materials and inbuilt cabinets and niches. An English style with unobtrusive classical furniture, traditional tile and tapestry was chosen to create a peaceful and cozy interior. Natural materials and colours seen in the furniture and accessories contribute to the warm home atmosphere accentuating at the same time its bucolic location. Even the ceilings were sheathed with white painted linings instead of plaster boards. The same lining boards were then used to cover the lower part of the walls in the master bedrooms. Decoration of the cottage's second floor occupied by household staff maintained the chosen general style, while using less expensive materials and IKEA furniture.

    The project included developing the house illumination system. Functional lighting of the entrance area was complemented by decorative lights in the shape of tubes emitting rays, which successfully underlined the cottage architecture.

  • An Apartment on Angliyskiy prospekt

    On the threshold of major changes in life - reassignment from Moscow to St. Petersburg - the customers of the project were in high spirits, which they wanted to express in the interior of their new apartment. An apartment on Angliyskiy prospekt - in the refurbished house, very bright and spacious, with lots of windows – in the best possible way complied with the task: to create a grand interior in a quiet classic style for the couple’s living.

    The existing space was improved and therefore became more convenient and useful. Getting rid of unnecessary halls and corridors and changing slightly the proportions of some rooms, extra space was found for a laundry room and a housekeeping area, and made it possible to arrange a small study at the entrance, treated as a classic men's lounge - with dark chequered wallpaper and simple furnishing. For dividing a representative space into a living room and a kitchen a signature technique was used – the glazed sliding partition that visually expands the room was installed.

    Pastel colours support the festive atmosphere of the apartment, and the elite status is emphasized by the custom-made elements – boiserie panel boards in the living room and bedroom, as well as the kitchen unit and other pieces of furniture.

  • Тапиола
  • An Apartment in the Lidval House on Kamennoostrovsky Prospekt

    An apartment in the famous Lidval House on Kamennoostrovsky Prospect was inherited by a young couple from their parents - as well as a collection of antiques, which became mandatory “item on the agenda” of the project. However the life of the “family nest” suggested fresh, non-classic interpretation of historical space with a modern look at the layout and style.

    Reception area – which was initially fragmented, consisting of isolated living room, study and kitchen – was rethought and transformed into an open loft area of almost 100 m2 with spaces for relaxing and cooking, with fireplace and dining areas and a tea lounge. Scattered partition-screen visually separates the study from the living room, making space more complicated and predetermining its possible transformation: in future a separate children’s room may appear in place of the working area. As a result of the reconstruction the apartment even has got its own atrium garden with access from the bedroom – in place of the inner courtyard.

    A large open space of the loft with exposed brickwork of the walls, concrete and plaster textures turned into a spectacular shell within which the antique lamps and furniture, modern spotlights, and vintage interior items coexist. And glossy floors, white walls and powerful lamps make initially dark first floor apartment overlooking the courtyard clear and transparent.

  • Квартира на севере Санкт-Петербурга

    A dream of a harmonious and comfortable life of a young couple with three children turned into reality in the project of apartment in the residential complex “Okkervil”. The special needs of the family and joyful emotional mood reflected in the bright, cozy and very functional interior, where every square meter is full of meaning.

    Precious living space was enlarged by joining loggias and competent redevelopment, which resulted in disappearance of the useless winding corridors, and the rooms got proper proportions. The apartment is clearly zoned: to the left from the entrance there is a representative space of a living room combined with a kitchen-dining room where the family spends most of their time. To the right there is a private territory: a master bedroom, a bathroom, a dressing room, and two children’s rooms for a son and twin daughters. Upon clients’ request a private space for each girl was organized in the daughters’ bedroom including a bed, a desk and a bookcase, and in the bathroom a large bathtub was installed for bathing of all the kids at the same time. All rooms have minimalistic furnishings: piles of furniture were replaced by convenient dressing rooms with storage spaces.

    The interior is designed in a calm, reserved style, and original details enrich the decoration: there are tall doors visually lifting the ceiling, 3D-panels in the living room, eye-catching Swedish wallpaper for hand painting in the children’s room, veneered finishing of the corridor, a glass partition in the hall transmitting light and visually expanding space.

  • The exhibition «My Petersburg»

    The exhibition “My Petersburg” could have become one of those traditional expositions, where the works of different value monotonously cover the walls and the visitors move along in an orderly single file. However, one fact changed this scenario. The event took place in the art space “Tkachi” and the exhibition's sponsor, Philipp Morris, wanted to see a showy and up-to-date solution that would be in tune with the modern loft-gallery.

    One of the major tasks was to invent the most appropriate layout that would give more space and free access into the gallery without jamming the hall. The area of about 100 sq.m. was split into parts.  Defining the visitors’ routes – to the information stand, to the café and to the next exposition – helped to locate the main exposition area. Thirty exhibits were placed in ten cubic modules by a number of participating photographers. Each module represented one author with one side featuring a summary and the other three - their works. Essentially, the pictures themselves became a part of a spectacular installation and the black cubes soaring in the air turned into art-objects related to the distinguished style of the exhibition partner. The project also included a rather mysterious appearance by the sponsor's new product:  fantastic weightless cubes cast “shadows”, in which the outlines of hidden snus by Parliament tins could be discerned.

  • Galereya Shopping Center

    A snus center located in the Galereya shopping center which in many ways echoes the interior design solution employed with the first Center created half a year earlier in Taleon hotel. Trademark elements had to be integrated into a different and more compact space with an additional exterior dimension. The first thing the visitors see, the pavilion façade presents itself as an interior turned inside out with a trademark illuminated wave-shaped line cutting through the black walls. The interior space is connected to the outside area by windows in the shape of viewing ports that create an air of mystery due to the stark cosmic light coming through them.

    The pavilion entrance is located behind a rounded corner.  This intimate space is divided into two main zones: a training area with a small snuselier stand occupies the center, while an area for product presentation with a round advertising panel and a fridge with a snus container can be found to the right after the entrance. The theme of a circle evoked by the lamps and round windows is complemented by one more unusual element – an ensemble of convex mirrors which bends the space, adding to the futuristic impression.

  • Sasha’s bar in «Cosmos shopping center»

    Sasha’s bar in Cosmos shopping center is the third restaurant of the chain by the same name. The client’s request for the new location was to follow an already established style and design in harmony with the image and likeness of the previously existing ones. The interior was supposed to be a combination of such “construction set” elements as glass partitions with floral patterns, facet mirrors, luminous circles on the ceiling, contrasting minimalist furniture. However, the new restaurant-bar became more than a repetition of established corporate images, which were artistically re-imagined and interpreted in a new fashion.    For example, mirror panels were performed in a non-trivial way - their surfaces split with mirrors of varying sizes creating a fascinating interplay of scale and reflections. The interior also acquired leather panels as additional decoration material, adding to the ambience.      

    A major innovation can be seen in an island bar counter assembled from frosted glass with multi-colour illumination. The bar shape is emphasized by a specially designed spacious ceiling space which merges with the bar shelves. This stylish and spectacular detail, that became a part of corporate images, is the centerpiece of the space combining the dining hall with a lounge featuring low couches and effectively hiding the bathrooms behind it. The children's play area received an extraordinary solution as well. Like a drawer sliding out from a cabinet it “slides out” from the wall surface together with its marble and leather facing.

  • Ahead into the Future

    “Special, intriguing, new, original” – this slogan accompanies the new tobacco product of the company Philipp Morris. The same qualities give the best description of the interior of the snus first center opened in Taleon Hotel. The project concept was based on the company brand style with a recognizable colour palette and a circular shape. However, apart from the external characteristics it was extremely important to reflect the innovative core of the product itself.

    In record-breaking time, only one month after the work on the project started, there appeared an intriguing futuristic space. Black opaque walls with blue illumination, glowing circles of lamps, understated furniture and black ceramic granite moving from the floor surface up to the walls – all of it turns an ordinary room of 30 sq.m. into a setting from a science-fiction film. The small area was skillfully divided into three parts: a snuselier counter is located diagonally from the entrance, a waiting area with an unusual bionic lamp is on the right, and a presentation area is opposite the entrance. That is where the centerpiece of the place and the climax of the fantastic story lies – that very round bottle of Snus by Parliament that attracts the attention of snus Center visitors like a crown jewel.

  • The Charm of Old Europe

    Turning the famous in St.Petersburg tavern Oliva into a restaurant of European cuisine, the client decided to change the interior completely. In keeping with the owner's new vision, the dining areas were transformed into cozy cafes hidden in old streets of various Mediterranean cities. The Greek-themed dining area remained unchanged ensuring continuity with the old interior remembered by regular visitors. Then, one can find there France, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Malta with each country having its own image conveying the charm and unique identity of the region. Narrow medieval streets with stone pavement are framed by façades of palaces and fortresses with stucco work décor, stained-glass windows, forged shutters and picturesque balconies, an evening sky illuminated by street lamps. Even the old flooring-boards of the Oliva tavern came in handy, finding a new use in the terrace deck.

    Layout changes were few but significant, allowing for a more rational and convenient use of the space. Under-utilized space was incorporated into seating areas. The entrance area was also fundamentally rearranged: the former coat check and confectionary workshop with windows looking onto Bolshaya Morskaya Street were replaced by a flower shop and a confectionary store with more attractive visual characteristics. 

  • Exhibition stand for «Legenda Intelligent Development»

    Legenda is a young development company that is introducing a new product to the Russian market – comfortable, functional, high-quality housing of a different level. The company attracts the best architects and designers and has been working diligently to further establish their brand image. Their innovative and creative approach to housing construction and environment planning had to be reflected in the design of their exhibition booth and show room.

    Their bright and unusual booth resembled a spaceship or a laboratory, where the product of future was created. It was performed in white and blue company colours. Special modules with recognizable slogans from the company's advertising campaign were attached to the ceiling crowning the area, serving as beacons. The extremely open exhibition space was conventionally divided into three areas: two presentation areas on either side of the booth and a meeting area with tables and bar chairs in the center. In keeping with the client’s request the product itself occupied the center of the exhibition. Instead of pictures of houses, a display of the company’s crown jewel – “smart” apartment layouts were shown in illuminated panels on the booth's wall.

    The show room allowed for even more vivid demonstration of the advantages that a good layout can offer. Behind the glass walls one could see a model made to scale of one of the company apartments. The internal space had furniture mockups with information on their dimensions, which emphasized the flexible nature of the model and allowed for the visitor to use their imagination and complete the picture. Neutral setup was diluted with live flowers, accessories and bright multi-coloured information spots.

  • Sasha's Bar в ТРК "Жемчужная плаза"
  • Студия фитнеса в Лондоне
  • Renovation of the "President Hotel"

    Not so long ago, the President Hotel in Zelenogorsk was not quite worthy of its luxurious-sounding name and, having last been renovated 15 years ago, its presentation was lacking. Thus, accenting the hotel's premium quality became the primary goal of the project. Our reconstruction work affected all public areas: the lobby, restaurant, spa and pool. 

    The lobby, which gives guests their first impression of the hotel, was transformed into a dignified, stately entrance with the help of original dynamic lighting and luxurious trimmings that include onyx, wooden wall paneling and ceramic granite. We successfully redesigned this area, which is composed of two large rooms, by dividing it into several zones: reception, which includes a security booth hidden behind a curtain, the waiting room, a relaxation area with seats by translucent faux-onyx stonework and a reading area with upholstered furniture.

    The restaurant, which operates as an independent establishment, was re-imagined with a comfy, "country" styling yet retaining a connection to the overall style of the hotel with the help of some specific elements, such as globe-shaped designer lamps above the bar and asymmetrical shelving that matches that of the hotel lobby. The restaurant's floor space has been expanded thanks to an expansion and a new summer terrace as well as changes made to the entryway of the main dining hall; both a new entry vestibule that will eliminate cold drafts and a coatroom have been added.

    The spa and pool areas were also reinterpreted.  3D-tiles with a sand dune texture, wicker chairs, eclectic stone décor and an undulating stretch ceiling above the pool provide a breeze of desert air out of an Eastern myth to this Northern spa-hotel.

  • A medical center in the residential complex "First Line. Medical & Wellness Resort"

    Tree of Life

    Wellness – a philosophy of healthy and environmentally friendly way of life - was the basis of the concept of elite residential complex “First Line”, located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland in Komarovo. On its territory there are apartments, SPA with a swimming pool, Center of infant development, a restaurant, as well as the center of predictive medicine Life Energy - interior of which a project developer, a company “Pioneer”, proposed to develop.

    The main idea of the project was a symbolic reflection of the Gulf of Finland ecosystem. Nature of the Karelian Isthmus - a pine forest, sand, and water - imprinted in color range and materials with predominance of wood, as well as in the imaginative solution of the medical center. Fresh, cheerful interior fully complies with the positive specialization of the center - to prevent rather than treat the disease.

    A “tree of life” became a central element of the hall with the open planning, around which all functional areas are grouped - reception with an aquarium reception desk, a waiting area with a large screen, a lounge with sofas, children’s playroom, and a space with a changing table. Original architectural solution of the ceiling made of wooden beams with complex lighting is supplemented with other impressive eco-style details - 3D-panels, lamps of bionic shape, unusual waterfalls on the walls.

    In the layout of the hall great attention was paid to the comfort of visitors with children. A pram park was made in the lobby, and in the open lounge a secluded corner “mother and child” was provided, visually defined with lathed screens - with a changing table and comfortable sofas, where one can feed the baby in privacy. And of course, there is a children's playroom, decorated in the same eco-style - with wooden slide and its own miniature “tree of life” for the younger generation.

  • Студия Фитнеса «Power Style»

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